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 Mariano Palmieri  Descendent  (1840-1930)


 Mariano Palmieri  Descendent  (1840-1930)





   First Generation (of Mariano Palmieri (1840-1930))


                  1   Mariano Palmieri    born abt 1840

                                   Mariano  married Carmela Vetri, daughter of unk, abt 1864 in Alimena sicily Italy



                    2  s    Cristofaro Palmieri b. 11 Nov 1865, Alimena, Sicily, Italy

                                    Cristofaro  married Maria Oddo, daughter of unk,  b. abt  1868 in  Alimena, Sicily, Italy 


children are:

                                  3  s Mariano Palmieri b. abt 1889, Alimena, Sicily, Italy

                                  3 d  Carmela Palmieri b. abt 1891, Alimena, Sicily, Italy

                                  3 s  Cherubino Palmieri b. abt 1893, Alimena, Sicily, Italy

                                  3 s Joseph John Palmieri b. 28 Jul 1900, New York City, New York, USA, d. 28 May 1965, Winchendon, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

                                        Joseph married  Michelena (Margaret) Milano b. 27 Aug 1901, Marsico Nuovo, Italy, d. 1 Oct 1965, Winchendon, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

                                     4 d Frances (Fortuna ) Palmieri b. 23 Feb 1923, New York, New York, USA, d. 20 May 1977, Queens New York


see below:  Cristofaro Palmieri migration in 1893 from Alimena Sicily Italy, arrived jun 12, 1893 on the Britanna which departed from Naples Italy. Cristofaro was 28 years old.

see below: Passenger list for Maria Oddo, Mariano Palmieri, Carmela Palmieri and Cherubina Palmieri, why Maria Oddo listed without her married name unk?  The Tartar Prince arrive on Jul. 09, 1899 from Naples. Listed that Maria is to see husband Cristofaro Palmieri living at 267 Elisabeth St. new York.