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Descendants of Matija (born abt 1641)

Matija's Generations from 1721-1817



** Fifth Generation (Great Great-Grandchildren) (of Matija Rerek (1641-))


19. Giovanni Rerecich   was born on 22 Jun 1720 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj).

Another name for Giovanni was Zuane. Giovanni married Tomasina Ragusin   daughter of Antonio Ragusin   and Unknown, on 18 May 1739 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj).


Translation: 18.5.1739 Marriage of Giovanni Rerecich and Tomasina Ragusin ‘Zuanne son of Antonio Rerecich and Tomasina daughter of Anto Ragusin are joined in the marriage by me (?) Bonicelli Pio in this church B.E. on the island of Lošinj. They were three times announced after the usual custum and we cannot find any obstacles for this ceremony. Witnesses were Biasio Stuparichi and ZanMaria Slavich.

Children from this marriage were:

20   M  Antonio Rerecich  was born on 30 May 1740 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj).       

21   M  Mattio Rerecich  was born on 19 Dec 1741 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj).       

22   M  Giovanni Rerecich   was born on 23 Jan 1745 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj).       


Translation: 23.1.1745 Baptism of Giovanni Rerecich 'Zuane son of zuane Rerecich and Tomasina legitimate spouse baptized by me D. Allessandro Bonicelli priest in the church Of Platana on Lošinj. Witnessess were Domenico Zoronich from Kostel (muschio) and Elena daughter of Martin Sinaz.


23   M   Nicolo Rerecich  was born on 10 Dec 1750 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj).       


**Sixth Generation (3rd Great-Grandchildren) (of Matija Rerek (1641-))


22. Giovanni Rerecich  was born on 23 Jan 1745  in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj).  Giovanni married Mattea, daughter of Domenico Picinich [16] and Unknown, on 19 Jun 1772 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj).         Mattea was born in Lussinpiccolo (Mali Lošinj).


Translation:19.6.1772 Marriage of Giovanni Rerecich and Mattea Picinich ‘Gio. Son od Gio. Rerecich from this parish and Mattea daughter of Domenico (surname is quite blurred and uneasy to read) from the parish of Mali Lošinj, who’s marriage was announced three times in this parish and in the parish of Mali Lošinj. Therefore accordin to the canonical order we don’t find any obstacles for this. They testify of this by themselves and the priest Sig. Giovo from Mali Lošinj testifies as well. The wedding ceremony perfomed by me, Gio. Rov. Petrina in this church of Saint Cross after the standard procedure. Witnesses were Antonio son of Biasio Stuparich and Gio.son of Niccolo Petrina, in all might and glory in this parish. 

Children from this marriage were:

24   F   Domenica Rerecich   was born on 8 Apr 1773 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj).

25   M  Zuanne Rerecich    was born on 3 May 1776 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj).

26   F  Tonina Tomasina Rerecich   was born on 17 Jan 1778 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj).

27   F  Domenica Rerecich   was born on 30 Mar 1780 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj).

28   F  Tomasina Nicolina Rerecich   was born on 3 Jan 1783 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj).

29   M  Giuseppe Rerecich   was born on 19 Mar 1785 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj).

30   M  Dominico Filippo Rerecich   was born on 1 May 1788 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj). and died on 3 Jul 1879 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj). at age 91.


 Translation: 1.5.1788 Baptism of Domenico Rerecich 'Domenico Filippo born yesterday son of Zuane Rerecich of Zuanne and Matea legitimate wife both from this parish. Baptized by me D. Pietro Meloda capetano curato in this church of people in S. Antonio (abate) according to the permission of Sig. Pierono. (Podvini) with the blessing of Giacomo Buggev of the deceased Andrea and Perina wife of Gašpara Antoncicha. All from this parish.