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Descendants of Matija (born abt 1641)

Matija's Generations from 1641-1720



Descendants of Matija Rerek

*First Generation (of Matija Rerek (1641-))

1. Matija Rerek  died before 26 Jul 1641. 1 Matija married unknown

His child was:

2   M    Matija Rerek       


** Second Generation (Children) (of Matija Rerek (1641-))

2. Matija Rerek    

              General Notes: Birth book from 1648-1650 is severely destroyed due to torn pages and water damage. Matija married Maria Stuparich , daughter of Matija Stuparich  and Unknown, on 26 Jul 1641 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj)

Translation: 26.7.1641 Marriage of Matija Rerecich and Maria Stuparich ‘In the parish of Sv. Mary todays ceremony for Matej son of the deceased Matija Rerek and Mara daughter of the deceased Matija Stuparich. Witnesses were Simin Ragušinich and Jivan son Lokarin (?).

Children from this marriage were:

3   M    Matio Rerek  was born on 23 Apr 1643 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj)

4   M    Jurij Rerek  was born on 23 Apr 1643 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj)



** Third Generation (Grandchildren) (of Matija Rerek (1641-))



3. Matio Rerek    was born on 23 Apr 1643 in Veli Lošinj, Croatia.

                                           General Notes: He is stated to be Matio Rerek at his marriage record and books previous to 1670 state the surname of Rerecich to be Rerek, while all of families that carry this surname are written as Rerecich after the year of 1670. Matio married Lucia Jakotin   daughter of Jivan Jakotin  and Unknown, on 16 Jun 1670 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj)



Translation: On July 16th 1670 in the church of St. Mary I Don Mateja Božićevich unite in the Holy matrimony Marija Rerek and Lucija daughter of Jivan Jakotin. Witnessess both masons, Martik and Mateja Svorci  in Botin. 

Children from this marriage were:

5   F   Francisca Rerecich   was born on 3 Aug 1671 in Veli Lošinj, Croatia

6   F   Margarita Rerecich   was born on 3 Aug 1671 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj)

7   F   Katarina Rerecich    was born on 10 Mar 1673 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj)

8   F   Matia Rerecich    was born in Mar 1675 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj)

                         General Notes: Her date of birth cannot be read due to smeared ink, but we know she was born in the month of March.

9     F   Nicolina Rerecich   was born on 6 Dec 1678 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj)

10   M   Antonio Rerecich  was born on 7 Dec 1680 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj)


Translation: 7.12.1680 Baptism of Antonio Rerecich 'In this parish of S. Anton’s church in Veli Lošinj baptize I Nicolo Mellada, Ambrosio (THEY WERE TWINS!!!) and Antonio sons of Mattio Rerecich and Lucie his legitimate companion. Witnesses were Ambrosio Lapato and Margarita wife of Tomas Dumich.'

11   M   Mattio Rerecich  was born on 5 May 1683 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj)

12   M   Zuane Rerecich  was born on 8 Jun 1685 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj)

13   F   Catarina Rerecich   was born on 10 Apr 1688 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj)


** Fourth Generation (Great-Grandchildren) (of Matija Rerek (1641-))


10. Antonio Rerecich  was born on 7 Dec 1680 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj).  Antonio married Elina Budinich  daughter of Antonio Budinich and Unknown , on 22 Sep 1704 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj).


Translation: 22.9.1704 Marriage of Antonio Rerecich and Elina Budinich ‘In the church of (smeared ink) I join in marriage Antonio son of Matio Rerecich and Elina daughter of Anto. Budinich, me the priest Martin Božiciano. After the custom three times announced (smeared ink) and we don’t find any obstacles for this ceremony. Witnesses Martin Scarpona and (?) Martin Ragosino (two more words with faded ink).

Children from this marriage were:

14   M  .Elina Rerecich [44] was born on 29 Dec 1706 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj).

15   M   Matio Rerecich [43] was born on 18 Feb 1708 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj).

16   M   Zuane Rerecich [42] was born on 11 Oct 1712 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj).

17   F   Antonia Rerecich [41] was born on 6 Nov 1714 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj).

18   M   Nikolo Rerecich [40] was born on 3 May 1717 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj).

19   M   Giovanni Rerecich [14] was born on 22 Jun 1720 in Lussingrande (Veli Lošinj).

Translation:22.6.1720 Baptism Giovanni Rerecich 'In the parish church of S. Antonio (two words that cannot be read) baptised in Veli lošinj by me Simon Barichievich capelano, Zianne son of Antoni Rerecich, son of Mato and Ellena his spouse. Witnesses were Bonaventura Botterini son of Martin and his spouse Domenica daughter of Matteo Siminich.